Kuhn FeedMixer
Suitable for:
Animal species
Dairy cattle
Beef cattle
Type of feed
Round bales
Silo block
Loose grass
Root vegetables

Kuhn FeedMixer

FeedMixer is designed for stationary cutting and mixing of silage, roundbales, squarebales and most types of feed for livestock

TKS has very long experience of using stationary vertical mixers in our automatic feedingsystems. KUHN Audureau in France is our long term partner in designing and producing the mixer. We have developed and are producing the advanced control-system. This is the "heart" of a fully automated feeding-system. The ability to program the right mixing and cutting process, for the type of feed and ingredients YOU have. Other factors such as climate, loaction, type of machines used for cutting, baling etc. will play a role. All these parameters can we handle in the control system in order to make the best possible mix of feed for your animals. One of the most important tasks is the ability to communicate properly to the other machines and components in the system. That can be other filling sources, concentrate tanks, screw-feeders, transport belts, hatches, counter knives, distribution systems and more.

  • TKS FeedMixer work seamlessly with all the other components in our system. The safety for you as a user is that all the other components are manufactured in the same factory. We make them work together. We can also make other machines and components work together through our control system.
  • To get the most out of YOUR situation, a thorough planning with your feed-anlyst/adviser, will secure the best possible results for your animals.
  • TKS Feedmixer can be delivered in several standard sizes from 4 - 45m3. Other sizes and configurations can be delivered on request.

Technical data

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TKS Kuhn FeedMixer

Kuhn FeedMixer












Kuhn FeedMixer
ModellStørrelse m3Lengde mm ABredde mm BHøyde mm CLengde beholder DLengde fot EBredde fot FHøyde beholder GVekt KgMotor kW
8.1 DS8425023602430324016001035687300022
10.1 DS10429023602760324016001035687310030
12.1 DS12436023603010324016001035687330030
18.2 DL18686025202320571035751035634620037
22.2 DL22686025202610576035751035634640037
25.2 DL25686025202880592035751035634660037
27.2 DL27686025203010599035751035634680045

Planning - drawings and measures (PDF, 735KB) 
Door-location DS DL_1 (PDF, 184KB)


By Hanne Gry Sandkleiva,
Pre-assembled equipment
  • Loading cell 
  • Counter knife with activator


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By Hanne Gry Sandkleiva,