EasyBedding i fjøs_01         EasyBeddingi fjøs_02

  • Beddingmachine in Germany. Kuhn has supplied our machine in a monorail-system, which travels over the different animal sections for bedding with straw. This is a meatcattle herd, where straw bales are loaded into a R2 Magazine, which fills the machine when empty. 

Beeding Nederland

  • K2 EasyBedding in Netherlands in a meatcattle farm. Runs on a 800m monorail. Loading of square and roundbales, from a 9m long R2 reservoire. 

Ammeku Telemark

  • K2 EasyFeed feeding suckler cows. Filling from R2 Magazine
  • K2 EasyBedding beds in sections. Filling from R2 Magasin.
  • The machines goes on separate tracks.