Suitable for:
Animal species
Dairy cattle
Beef cattle
Type of feed
Round bales
Silo block
Loose grass
Root vegetables

K2 EasyFeed, automatic feeding system for livestock (dairycows, beefcattle, sheepfarms and goatfarms)

K2 EasyFeed cuts, shreds and distributes roundbales, silage, concentrate and more for dairycows, beefcattle, sheepfarms and goatfarms.

  • K2 EasyFeed is a major upgrade and improvement of the well-proven
    K2 FeedRobot-system. Combined the K2-consept is one of the most sold automatic feeding system for dairycows, beefcattle, sheepfarms and goatfarms in Europe. The basic machine is built on the strong CombiCutter frame (sold in more than 4000 units). More than 50 years of experience of developing and producing feeding equipment, for the most demanding situations and climate.
  • Most competitors must rely on a two-step system where you need a cutting/processing unit for preparing the feed. Then a distribution system for handling and feeding out the material to the different groups of animals. In many cases this is the rigth solution, but it takes more space, more power and costs significantly more. TKS K2 EasyFeed system is probably the only system that can handle (even frozen) roundbales/squarebales/blocks directly, and shred/cut them and then distribute in one pass.
  • Our own software departement, has developed and programmed the controlsystem, which can handle up to 20 different groups of animals. Then each group can have up to 12 different start-times. The system can also handle individual feeding, based on fixed points (up to 400 positions). K2 EasyFeed can be equipped with a concentrate tank (option) and supply as rations or mix with silage. Also a lot of different adaptations can be controlled and set by the user, for the benefit of optimize feed-intake, freshness of feed, minimize waste, gain milkproduction and best possible quality in production. The system also can give a better herd-management, better health to low-ranked animals and more.
  • K2 EasyFeed will take the heaviest and most time consuming job on a modern farm. It will allow the farmer to spend more time to other vital processes which can increase production, lower cost, lower pollution, better health for farmer and animals. Our systems handles 1000's of tons with feed for farmers all year round. With a minimum of effort in service and maintenance on a regular basis, this system can really make a difference on your farm.

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  • Side Conveyor 1,0m - 1,3m - 1,7m
  • FeedBrush
  • Extention section 1m
  • Concentrate tank
  • Side door
  • Rear door


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Power supply /conductor bars

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Service kit and parts

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Servicekit og deler
EasyFeed12001600Serial No.
Knife-kitsDescription/ NotesSHORTLONGSHORTLONG
27572Drum w/62 knifes and bearringsXX
27571Drum compl.w/knifes and bearringsX
27090Bue Quick fit 38 pcs38 double quick fit knifes - 31 sharp and 7 tappet knifesXXUp to 2847
27100Knife-set mod. TT bue quick fit 62 pcs62 knifes -46 sharp and 16 tappet knifesXXFrom 2848
27089Mod. TT bue quick fit 28 pcsX
27113K2-2 mod. TT bare kniver 46 pcsXXFrom 2848
271281Tappet knife TT quick fitFor increased rotation/flow of materialXXX
Chain/ chainlinks
27111Bottombelt long, stainlessAll chains and chainlinksXX
27112Bottombelt short, stainlessAll chains and chainlinksX
27655Short K2 w/frostkit, stainlessX
27656Long K2 w/frostkit, stainlessXX
Repair set
27109BottombeltSprocketwheels w/bearrings - axels w/splines and bushingsXX
27551V-belt wheel from Ø630 to Ø800Used if one need more power on drumXXXX