Roundbale shredder for cutting and shredding of feed stuff
Suitable for:
Animal species
Dairy cattle
Beef cattle
Type of feed
Round bales
Silo block
Loose grass
Root vegetables

K2 CombiCutter, the markets most versatile roundbale shredder and feeding cart

K2 CombiCutter is the ideal machine for shredding and cutting various types of feed for livestock. Roundbales, squarebales, silageblocks and loose material. Our machiine is the first choice for dairy farms, beefcattle, sheepfarms and goatfarms.

  • K2 CombiCutter is the most flexible and versatile roundbale shredder / feedingcart for roundbales, silage, silageblocks and most types of feedstuff.
    Comes in several sizes (1200mm or 1600mm width, both in two lengths), and has a lot of different options to adapt for special needs. Can be delivered as a stand-alone stationary roundbale cutter, or it can be supplied with trolley suspension for 1 or 2 rails, or with a wheel-cart for driving on the floor. Then the feed can be delivered directly on the feedpath. Many features can be supplied, such as sidedoors, reardoor, sideconveyors, remote control, autocontrolsystem (when used as a filling source in a fully automated system), combined with magazine, extensionbunker and more.
  • K2 CombiCutter is the first choice for dairyfarms, beefcattle farms, sheepfarms and goatfarms.
  • The machines are manufactured in highquality steel (S355MCD) and has 20% more steel than similar machines on the market. Together with quick-lock knives, sentral-lubing, autotensioning on chains/belts, bottombelt in stainless steel, you get one of the toughest machines availeable on the market today.

Proudly developed and produced in NORWAY

Technical data

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Technical data
K2 CombiCutterWeight (Kg)
K2 CombiCutter SHORT1100
K2 CombiCutter LONG1160
Concentrate tank
Driving unit, suspended in 1 rail
Driving unit, suspended in 2 rails
Driving unit, wheel driven on floor
Power consumption
K2 CombiCutterPower (kW)230V (A)400V (A)Notes :
Driving unit, wheeldriven on floor2 X 1,595Freq.inverter
Driving unit, in rail(s)2 X 0,442,5Freq.inverter
Shredder motor7,52718
Bottom belt0,552,71,5Freq.inverter
Min. fuse size (machine only)4030
Side conveyor0,94,52,5
FeedBrush 1 motor0,371,831,05
FeedBrush 2 motors2 X 0,37kW3,662,1
FeedBrush 3 motors3 X 0,37kW5,493,15
Concentrate tank0,08kW 24V
Control current
K2 CombiCutter230V (A)400V (A)
Voltage net typeITTN-S
Tolerance / variations + / - 10% + / - 10%
Power supply- Min. fuse-sizes (fuse-type)40 Amp32 Amp

Optional equipment

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Optional equipment
K2 CombiCutter12001600
Side conveyor 0,7m - feed table of 130-180cmXX
Side conveyor 1,0m - feed table of 180-240cmXX
Side conveyor 1,3m - feed table of 240-280cmXX
Side conveyor 1,7m - feed table of 280-350cmXX
Sidedisplacement for side conveyor 130mmX
Sealplate for side conveyor K2XX
Controlbox for side conveyor K2 230V/400VXX
FeedBrush 2,7mXX
FeedBrush 3,5mX
FeedBrush 4,0mX
Extension unit 1mXX
Concentrate tank (120 L)X
Concentrate tank (400 L)X
Side doorsX
Load cellsXX
Load cell unit with amplifier for K2X
Control tableauXX
Driving unit for rail(s)XX
Driving unit with wheels on floorX
Auto controlsystemXX
Magazine (loading table)X
Base frame 0,5-0,7mXX
Base frame 1,0-1,2mXX
Base frame1,2-1,7mXX
Feed funnel


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Service kit and parts

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Servicekit and parts
K2 CombiCutter12001600Serial no.
Knife kitsDescription/NotesSHORTLONGSHORTLONG
27572Drum with bearings and 62 knivesXX
27571Drum completeWith knives in stockX
27090Bow Quick fit 38 pcs38 double quick fit knives - 31 w/edge and 7 carrier knivesXXUp to 2847
27100Knifekit mod. TT bow quick fit62 knives -46 w/edge and 16 carrierknivesXXFrom 2848
27089Mod. TT bow quick fit 28 spcsX
27113K2-2 mod. TT only knives w/edge46 pcsXXFrom 2848
271281Carrier knife TT quick fitAdd if one needs more rotation of material/baleXXX
Chains/ connectorjoints
27111Bottombelt, long, stainlessAll chains and connector jointsXX
27112Bottombelt, short, stainlessAll chains and connector jointsX
27655Short K2 with frostkit, stainlessX
27656Long K2 with frostkit, stainlessXX
Repair kits
27109BottombeltChain pulley wheels- bearrings - axels w/splines and spacersXX
Rebuilding kits
27551From small to big beltwheel (Ø630 to Ø800)For use when more power is needed.XXXX