Suitable for:
Animal species
Dairy cattle
Beef cattle
Type of feed
Round bales
Silo block
Loose grass
Root vegetables


TKS EasyBedding is designed for automatic bedding of straw, hay, sawdust, wood chippings for resting areas for livestock

  • EasyBedding is a specially designed machine for bedding of loose material for resting areas for Dairycows, cattle, sheeps, goats etc.
  • Increased focus on animal welfare makes the interest for bedding much higher. Our system can handle drymatter roundbales/squarebales with straw or hay directly. The material is shredded/cut and then spread out up to 10m width. Also loose material such as woodchippings, sawdust etc. can be spread out.
  • Built on the same basis as the Combicutter and EasyFeed, but is equipped with an extra rotating drum, and then the spreading discs. The machine can load automatically from a R2 reservoar, and runs on a monorail-system over the stalls and animals.
  • System can be programmed to handle separate sections and spread desired amount in the designated area. Up to 20 different sections.
  • Start of system must be done manually, for safety reasons due to processing of very dry material, but then operation goes automatically until finished.

Technical data

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Technical data
WEIGHTS*1 Drum2 Drums
with bedding discs1515 KG1620 KG
Loading capasity1000 KG1000 KG
Length and WidthsSee page 15 - 17See page 15 - 17
Max. diameter roundbales Ømm1500 mm1800 mm
Max. width roundbales1300 mm1300 mm
Max. heigth squarebales1000 mm1300 mm
Max. width squarebales1300 mm1300 mm
Bottombelt0,55 kW0,55 kW
Cutting drum7,5 kW7,5 kW
Top.drum (optional)-5,5 kW
Bedding discs0,9 kW X 20,9 kW X 2
Driving unit (rail suspended)0,37 kW X 20,37 kW X 2
Voltage230 V - 400 V230 V - 400 V
Min. fuse size40 A - 32 A63 A - 32 A
Control voltage24 V DC24 V DC
Tolerance voltage supply+/- 10%+/- 10%
Working temperature limits-20°C / +40°C-20°C / +40°C



By Hanne Gry Sandkleiva,
R2 Magazine for storing/loading of bales/blocks




By Hanne Gry Sandkleiva,


By Hanne Gry Sandkleiva,