Suitable for:
Animal species
Dairy cattle
Beef cattle
Type of feed
Round bales
Silo block
Loose grass
Root vegetables


TKS FeedBelt is a belt feeding system with unique designfeatures, for distribution of feed for livestock

TKS FeedBelt is a unique belt feeding system for distribution of precut and premixed feed for dairycows and cattle. Can also distibute concentrate together with silage. With a wide range of different suspension solutions, it can be installed in a wide variety of barns. A solid rubberbelt transport the feed along the feedpath, and a specialdesigned scrape will place the feed in programmed areas of the barn. Can distribute to either one or both sides. The control system where programming of the sequences are done is placed conveniently in a spot where good overview of the process are.

Two different control systems are available; MANUAL or AUTO. With the manual system, the scrape will work between two limit-switches, and start/stop is controlled by user. With auto system, one can choose between TIME or WEIGHT control. If WEIGHT is choosen, the filling source must be placed on weightcells.

The FeedBelt can be up to 100m long, sections comes in 3m lengths, and is easily mounted together. The strong design and choice of materialquality, can handle suspension with c/c 6m for each suspension point.

Due to our unique design on the scraper, it can also handle longer silage/straw material than most compentitors (who needs very short and precut material in order to work properly)

Can also be delivered with sections in stainless steel (standard are galvanised plates)

Technical data

By System user,
Technical data
Belt width500 mm
Motor effect - belt2,2 kW230 V14,1 A
Motor effect - scrape1,1 kW230 V8,6 A
Weight Kg
Main section w/drive unit and end-return217
3m sections55
Scraper unit29
Scrape-shifter unit20
Measurements :

All measurements in mm


By Hanne Gry Sandkleiva,


By Hanne Gry Sandkleiva,