EasyBedding i fjøs_01  Kraftforfylling

  • TKS has made solutions for traditional fixed stable barns since late 1960's. These barns will gradually be replaced towards 2034, when it will be forbidden by law. Still it is the most common type of farm in Norway in numbers. we supply stationary roundbale cutters, rail-suspended feeding wagons, wheel-driven wagons etc. Also there are simple on/off machines, all the way to fully automatic solutions with both silage and concentrate distribution. TKS provides the broadest product program on the market today.

K2 båsfjøs  

  • K2 Combicutter on double rail suspension, with filling from top through floor hatch at upper level.

K2 over forluke

  • Stationary K2 Combicutter at upper level over floor hatch.