Suitable for:
Animal species
Dairy cattle
Beef cattle
Type of feed
Round bales
Silo block
Loose grass
Root vegetables


Unique TMR-mixer and bale/feedcutter. The lowest loading height on the market. Very low power - only 2 x 5,5kW.

  • TKS FeedProcessor is the ultimate bale/feedcutter and TMR-mixer. The lowest loading height on the market (min.960mm). Also very low power consumtion (2 x 5,5kW).
    The hopper can cut/mix two roundbales at the same time. Together with R2 reservoar, one can increase capasity significantly, by loading bales, blocks, material automatically into the machine.
  • Can be delivered as a stand-alone machine for cutting/mixing. Material is delivered through the bottom hatch, after desired mixing/cutting :
    • further distribution/handling by compact loader, wheel-grab etc.
    • unloading directly to feeding belt system.
    • unloading into a feeding wagon (manual or automatic), which distributes directly on a feeding path.
  • A large number of variations can be configuered, so the system can be used in most types of bars and to various types of animals (Dairy-cows, cattle, sheeps, goats). Our control system is scaleable and can be adapted to communicate with most types of electrical powered equipment, both for loading, transporting and feeding. By adjusting the cutting/mixing time, the user can get the desired length on the material. Shorter material will have great effect on the feed-intake for most animals. Especially on sheeps/goats, a cut length down to 2-3cm will give very good results. Also for cleaning, shorter straw and better mixing, will prevent the animals from sorting out and pulling longer straws into stables and manure systems.
  • The Hopper has stainless steel in the bottomsection for more durability and prevent wearing. Also the augers can be fitted with stainless fligths in the wearing zone.
  • The machine and the control system is developed and manufactured in NORWAY.

Technical data

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Technical data
FeedProcessorWeight (Kg)
FeedProcessor2700 (2900 w/options)
Power consumption
FeedProcessorEffekt (kW)230V (A)400V (A)Remarks
Auger motors2 x 5,5kW4032Freq.inverter
FeedProcessor230V (A)400V (A)
Voltage Net-supplyITTN-S
Tolerances + / - 10% + / - 10%



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Loading tray - fixed
Loading tray - tiltable with actuator
Weighting system for 4 feets
Wide top-ring for easy toploading
Extended feets, max. 3m
Dripping tray, manual
Concentrate feeder - FeedBelt




Service kit and parts

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Service kit and parts
FeedProcessorSerial no. :
32004Knife-kit w/50 knives, bolts and nuts
32009Knife-kit w/150 knives, bolts and nuts
32010Knife-kit long oval, 8 pcs, bolts and nuts
32017Knifeholderplate, 8 pcs, bolts and nuts
32005Gearoil in can, 3,2 ltr
321008Knife (star-model) Ø95, pr. pcs



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