bred forgang 

  • K2 EasyFeed can distribute material on both sides. For feedpaths from 2 - 5m.
    • Sideconveyors in different sizes
    • FeedBrush - to ease the workload and minimize waste. Pushes material back towards animals.
    • Concentrate tank- can run separate sequences for concentrate only, or mix together with other feed-material


  • K2 EasyFeed can:
    • feed in a string for up to 20 different groups, with 12 different start-times pr. group
    • feed up to 400 different positions with desired feed material


  • TKS FeedBelt is a solid and rugged solution for both single- or double-sided feedpaths. Can be set up with a variety of fillingsources :
    • Stationary Hopper
    • K2 Combicutter / Roundbalecutter
    • FeedMixer / Vertical TMR mixer
    • FeedProcessor / Horisontal TMR mixer
    • or similar.