Our history :

In 1930 Trygve Kverneland established his own company, based on production of knives, scissors, sickles, scythes and other household/agricultural products. Up until 1952 these products were the main income source to his factory.

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The Kverneland-family has its roots way back in the area, and they were very skilled blacksmiths and farmers. Gabriel Olsen Kverneland (1807-1889) had two very skilled and enterprising sons. Ole Gabriel Kverneland (1854 - 1941) who founded the very successful Kverneland Group (world famous plough-factory), and Tønnes G. Kverneland (1857 - 1950) who ran the familyfarm, and also laid the foundation to what became TKS Agri.

After 1952, Trygve Kverneland suffered a severe setback, due to massive import of steel-products from Europe, after world war II. He was not able to compete with large modern factories and technology.

He had to find new products and markets for his company. The first product, was a hay blower, which either could run on electric power or with a tractor. This was immediately a success, and saved the business. It was also a start of a new era, were his company now manufacured machines instead of handmade blacksmith-products.

Up until 1964, it was run as a personal company for the founder. In 1961, his eldest son, Tønnes T. Kverneland (1933 -  ) took over as a managing director. It changed then to a Limited Partnership company up until 1973. Then it was changed to a private limited company, owned by the founder and his 5 children.

In 1968, we started manufacturing lifting equipment tailormade for farm-buildings. Monorails, trolleys, silage-grabs and more, was installed in almost every barn all over Norway. For a decade, TKS had produced Transportbelts to bring grass and hay into tower-silos. Now the product line was extended to also have mechanisation for easy the job to get the silage out of the silos. This was a huge success. In 1971 TKS introduced their own design of a electric chain hoist for further expansion in this market.

The know-how and technology of lifting equipment, has led to several new product lines ; cranes, lifting platforms, service hoists for wind turbines etc.
In 1997 the 3. generation in the family took over the ownership of the company. The same year the daughter-company, TKS Heis AS, was established. This company manufacured its own lifting platform, tailormade for disabled people. It was a fully owned enterprise, up until the company was sold to the Swedish company Aritco AB, in 2019.
From 1999 Tønnes Helge Kverneland took over as the Managing director, and remained in this position until 2019. After this he continues as Marketing Manager.
Atle Sjølyst Kverneland became new Managing Director form september 2019. 

TKS has a goal to be a leading and innovative manufacturer. We strive to find the most effective and cost-efficient solutions to our customers

We develope, manufacture, plan and sell the following to our customers :

Equipment for storing, handling, transportation and distribution of feedstuff/forage in the agricultural market.

We are specialists on effective system-solutions.