TKS Agri enters into a partnership with Vultus

TKS Agri has entered into a cooperation agreement with Vultus AB. Vultus is an agtech company that develops AI services for precision agriculture through the collection of satellite data from cultivation fields. The service is used by farmers to be able to run their agriculture more efficiently. Vultus' service helps the farmer to understand quality and progression through the growing season by allowing growth, disease, weeds, nutrient deficiencies and other crop and soil conditions to be mapped as needed.

TKS Agri is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of machines for indoor feeding of livestock, with an annual turnover of approx. 9 million euros. TKS designs, develops, manufactures, and sells fully automated modern feeding machines and feed kitchen systems.

The purpose of this strategic collaboration is to develop and commercialize a remote sensing service that takes out the full potential of the crop by linking precision feeding to monitoring the most important nutritional values ​​in the crop. The service enables knowledge-based decisions for advisers and farmers and will make it possible to reduce farmers' costs related to inputs by at least 20%. The service is expected to generate revenue for the partners during the first quarter of 2023.

Vultus' current service gives the farmer enhanced insight into nitrogen levels, plant health and water stress in his own crop. TKS` currently supplies the farmers with automatic feeding equipment (including installation, operation, spare parts, and service) which frees up time and gives the farmer knowledge about feed handling and allocation of feed.

"The collaboration with TKS will give us the opportunity to increase farmers' insight into their own crops and nutritional values ​​that are important for the animals and give the industry tools to make better decisions about their own resources and increase understanding of actions regarding sustainability," says Per Karlsson - CEO of Vultus.

"TKS Agri AS sees great benefit in the collaboration with Vultus, and at TKS Agri we believe that business partnerships and constructive international collaboration are the key to enabling innovation, but also give the agricultural industry better tools in demanding periods with high raw material prices and increased demands for productivity," says Atle Sjølyst-Kverneland, CEO of TKS Agri.

For more information regarding TKS Agri AS, please contact
Atle Sjølyst-Kverneland, CEO TKS Agri AS
mobile: +47 404 19 995

For more information regarding Vultus AB, please contact
Per Karlsson, CEO Vultus AB
mobile: +46 (0) 70-001 97 01