Ersatzteile und Service-Kits
EasyFeed12001600Serial No.
Knife-kitsDescription/ NotesSHORTLONGSHORTLONG
27572Drum w/62 knifes and bearringsXX
27571Drum compl.w/knifes and bearringsX
27090Bue Quick fit 38 pcs38 double quick fit knifes - 31 sharp and 7 tappet knifesXXUp to 2847
27100Knife-set mod. TT bue quick fit 62 pcs62 knifes -46 sharp and 16 tappet knifesXXFrom 2848
27089Mod. TT bue quick fit 28 pcsX
27113K2-2 mod. TT bare kniver 46 pcsXXFrom 2848
271281Tappet knife TT quick fitFor increased rotation/flow of materialXXX
Chain/ chainlinks
27111Bottombelt long, stainlessAll chains and chainlinksXX
27112Bottombelt short, stainlessAll chains and chainlinksX
27655Short K2 w/frostkit, stainlessX
27656Long K2 w/frostkit, stainlessXX
Repair set
27109BottombeltSprocketwheels w/bearrings - axels w/splines and bushingsXX
27551V-belt wheel from Ø630 to Ø800Used if one need more power on drumXXXX