Ersatzteile und Service-Kits
K2 CombiCutter12001600Serial no.
Knife kitsDescription/NotesSHORTLONGSHORTLONG
27572Drum with bearings and 62 knivesXX
27571Drum completeWith knives in stockX
27090Bow Quick fit 38 pcs38 double quick fit knives - 31 w/edge and 7 carrier knivesXXUp to 2847
27100Knifekit mod. TT bow quick fit62 knives -46 w/edge and 16 carrierknivesXXFrom 2848
27089Mod. TT bow quick fit 28 spcsX
27113K2-2 mod. TT only knives w/edge46 pcsXXFrom 2848
271281Carrier knife TT quick fitAdd if one needs more rotation of material/baleXXX
Chains/ connectorjoints
27111Bottombelt, long, stainlessAll chains and connector jointsXX
27112Bottombelt, short, stainlessAll chains and connector jointsX
27655Short K2 with frostkit, stainlessX
27656Long K2 with frostkit, stainlessXX
Repair kits
27109BottombeltChain pulley wheels- bearrings - axels w/splines and spacersXX
Rebuilding kits
27551From small to big beltwheel (Ø630 to Ø800)For use when more power is needed.XXXX