TKS can help with dimensioning, calculations, planning and drawing for the setup of your specific needs. For more than 50 years we have desinged, manufactured  and supplied feeding equipment for animal-farmers. From simple stand-alone solutions, to full size automatic system solutions. Our experience is that no buildings, herds, setups, logistics are the same. Our strength is to be able offer one of the best and most versatile product ranges in the market. For both cattle, sheeps, goats and horses.

  • High-end standalone products.
  • Systemsolutions with multiple products working together.
  • Tailormade solutions, where we solve the customers  specific needs. For instance special functions mechanically, adjusted software or building specific adaptments. 
  • If we can enter projects during drawing and specification process, we can even help to find the most optimal and space/time saving solutions possible.

Contact us and share your ideas, thoughts, pictures, drawings etc. Together we will find the best setup for you and your animals.