FeedHopper Junior
Suitable for:
Animal species
Dairy cattle
Beef cattle
Type of feed
Round bales
Silo block
Loose grass
Root vegetables

FeedHopper Junior

TKS FeedHopper Junior is designed to work as a filling source for automatic feeding systems.

TKS FeedHopper Junior

A stationary Hopper designed to store and fill most kinds of feed, into distribution systems like EasyFeed, FeedBelt or similar. It can handle most kinds of loose and precut material. It can also handle precut silage blocks and roundbales, but that can affect lifetime and service intervals.

The Hopper requires a small footprint, but still has good capasity. Supplied in two sizes (5m3 and 11m3).

FeedHopper Junior is very well suited as a filling source for most types of automatic feeding.

Technical data

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Technical data
TKS FeedHopper Junior5m311m3
Weight1700 Kg1900 Kg
Total length3160 mm4425 mm
Total width2460 mm3650 mm
Total height3010 mm3020 mm
Loading heigth1546 mm2265 mm
Unloading width2169 mm2272 mm
Heigth under feed-outlet2321 mm2331 mm
Motor3,0 kW3,0 kW
Recommended fuse size 230V (3-phase)16A16A
Recommended fuse size 400V (3-phase)10A10A
Max. loading capasity (for dry loose material)3000 Kg6000 Kg


By Hanne Gry Sandkleiva,
Optional equipment
  • Conveyors can be supplemented to transport material :
    • to pick-up point
    • into feeding wagon
    • etc.


By Hanne Gry Sandkleiva,



By Hanne Gry Sandkleiva,